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Payment options

To see the available payment proposals. Make sure you

Once the above is completed go to the Sevi app and click on purchases. Here you will see a list of all your purchases. Click a purchase that it still pending for delivery. Once done you will find a list of the payment methods.

Direct payment#

This options is always available. It's generally, from a financial standpoint, also the most attractive option.

Pay in installments#

Depending on whom you buy the product from. You get a one or more appropriate proposals.

The variables

The proposals have multiple variables based on which the total cost per proposal is calculated. Below a list of the main ones.

  • Deposits can be a part of this proposal.
  • The instalments can be paid per month or per week.
  • The risk fees, low risk generally means low fees.
  • Late pay fees
  • Defaulting fees

Pay later proposals#

This options gives you the possibility to pay the full order amount somewhere in the future. The variables to calculate the cost from above list, apply for this proposal as well.