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About Sevi

Sell more products by providing an ‘Order now, Pay later’ option to your customers. Let your customers order the products they want now, but pay later. It is hassle free as Sevi provides the credit line, does the KYC and follows up on payments. Even though you are selling on credit, you get paid upfront. Apply now!

Sevi offers a simple-to-use smartphone app for your sales agents and your customers, to easily sell your products on Sevi’s credit.

We provide an open API to integrate the Sevi ‘Order now, Pay later' option in your ERP system and/or eCommerce website and a dashboard to manage your orders and credits.


Providing affordable finance to entrepreneurs is a crucial condition for further growth of micro and small companies, contributing to economic growth and a ignified life for entrepreneurs, their employees and families. We believe merchant finance based on real orders and delivery is the best way to loan to low-income clients because it limits default risks. We believe using new digital technologies can unleash the full potential of this model.


We empower entrepreneurs with access to ethical and affordable credit to grow their business.