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Sell more products by providing an ‘Order now, Pay later’ option to your customers. Let your customers order the products they want now, but pay later. It is hassle free as Sevi provides the credit line, does the KYC and follows up on payments. Apply now!


Example: “Sell on credit, get paid 80% on delivery”

Even though you are selling on credit, you get paid X% of the order value on delivery. The remaining balance is settled when your customer pays the final instalment.

As a Sevi partner you share in the profit, making this an additional business model for your company. Since you take X% part of the risk you'll also share in the upside and get X% of the interest earned.


Example: "Get 20% of the interest earned"

Sevi facilitates the payment option of Order now, Pay later. You remain in control of your products, pricing and customer relations. You are also able to configure the credit conditions, like duration and max amount, for your customers.


What we offer

  • Credit line to your customers
  • Pay on delivery
  • Additional business model (earn interest)
  • Automated KYC
  • Reminders to your customers
  • Smartphone app for your agents and customers
  • Management dashboards
  • Setting credit configurations
  • Payment integrations to Mobile Money and Bank
  • API integration
  • WooCommerce plugin

Agent feature

When your customer does not have a Smartphone, your sales agents are able to perform all steps on behalf of your customer. We have created a step-by-step guide for:


If you want to start offering the 'Order now, Pay later' option to your customers, please apply here. Fill out this application form and we will get back to you, with our commercial offering.