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Sales agent


Sevi provides 'Order Now, Pay Later' infrastructure in Kenya. Through our smartphone app sellers (e.g. producer, wholesaler, distributor) can sell their products on credit to their customers (e.g. small kiosk, mini-markets). The Sevi fund provides upfront financing to the seller and the buyer pays through instalments. Check our seller and buyer proposition.

Become a sales agent

Introduce Sevi to producers, wholesalers or distributors and sell our proposition to earn a commission. When you onboard a new client you get KES 6,500. On top of that, when this client is doing more then KES 200,000 sales through Sevi, within the first two months you receive an additional bonus of KES 3,500.


Earn KES 10,000 for every new Sevi client!

Whom are we looking for?

  • Sales experience
  • Good network with producers, wholesalers or distributors
  • Strong set of ownership for every deliverable
  • Good communicative skills in English and Swahili

Requirements Sevi clients

We are looking for Sellers that meet the following profile:

  • Sell B2B
  • Sell products and/or services
  • Sell to customers with an order value of KES 10,000 to KES 300,000
  • Preferably high rotation speed, so frequent orders
  • Our main market is the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), but we are not limited to this market

Apply here!

Interested to become a Sevi sales agent? Please apply here.