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Why the world needs us

At Sevi, we started out with the mission to lower the world average interest rate in micro-finance from 42% back to 10% annually. Now we have multiple loan management services to offer, all to make finances work for business owners.

If today your are a small business entrepreneur living in Africa, South America or Asia you can get a loan to grow your business, but you will pay an interest rate between 37% and 365% annually. Instead of growing a business they are enslaved to repaying the loan.

It is Sevi’s mission so solve this by enabling credit providers (e.g. MFIs, solar companies, TVETs, Chamas) to provide responsible and affordable loans to (micro) entrepreneurs. The natural advantages of group lending can be utilised in limiting default risks by lending to low-income customers with the efficiencies and speed that the mobile, digital revolution offers.

Sevi is an IT platform and app for business owners and credit providers, that makes their financial services and transactions more efficient.

The Sevi platform has been designed to scale up rapidly to provide millions of microloans via the platform in Kenya and other countries at a later stage.