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Order Create

Type: Mutation


The Order Create mutation API is a key component in initiating payments within the Sevi system. This API manages the intricate details of orders and payments between you and your customers, ensuring efficient processing and risk assessment.

Steps for Integration

Integrating this API involves two primary steps:

  1. Creating an Order: Use the orderCreate API to initiate an order.
  2. Webhooks for Order Status: Receive updated order statuses via configured webhooks. Contact us by email to set up your webhook.

Response Body

The response body provides comprehensive details about the order. For more information, refer to our GraphQL documentation. Key components include:

  • Order: Contains general order information.
  • Payment Options: Details available payment methods (e.g., Mpesa, Airtel Bank, etc.).
  • Payment Proposals: Returns credit proposal details related to the created order