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Staging Server and Mobile App Testing Instructions

1. Testing API on Staging Server

  • Staging Server URL : Access the staging server for API testing at
  • Purpose : This staging environment is ideal for testing API interactions in a controlled setting before deploying to production.

2. Registering for Mobile App Testing

  • Registration Process : If you wish to test the mobile app in conjunction with the staging server, you must first register for access.
  • Contact Support : Please reach out to our support team to initiate the registration process for mobile app testing.

3. Accessing Staging Environment on Mobile and Server

  • Google PlayStore Email Requirement : To gain access to the staging version of the mobile app, share your Google PlayStore email with us.
  • Invitation Process : Once your email is received, we will send you an invitation to join the staging version of the app.
  • Comprehensive Testing : This approach allows you to test the integration and functionality on both the server and mobile platforms seamlessly.

Note : The staging environment is a replica of the production environment but is isolated to ensure safe and effective testing of new features and bug fixe