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API Integration Steps

This document outlines the general steps for API integration. The process is designed to be straightforward and efficient.

Step 1: Register a Sevi Seller Account

First, you need to register as a Sevi Seller. This is an essential step to get started with the integration process.

Step 2: Invoice Submission

Once registered, you can start sending invoices to Sevi for payment processing.

  • Action: Send invoice details to the createOrder API.

Step 3: Payment Notification

After processing the payment, Sevi will send a webhook notification to inform you of the successful transaction.

  • Action: Configure an endpoint for receiving order payment completion notifications.

Step 4: Confirm Product Delivery

Inform Sevi when the products are shipped and delivered to the buyer. This action triggers the payment to the Seller's wallet.

Step 5: Receiving Payment

The seller will receive the order amount in their Sevi wallet.

  • Action: Withdraw funds
    • Note: Sevi optionally settles the balance to a bank account every 24 hours.


Simple Flow

The steps above represent the simple workflow for integration with the Sevi API.

Complete Flow

For more complex implementations or assistance, please contact our support team. We can guide you through different workflows based on your specific needs.

  • Typical Workflow: Customer Status > Payment Proposal > Order Create > Webhook Payment Notification