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Cashback Program Overview‚Äč

Our cashback system is designed to reward you with cashback benefits based on then you deside to do you product payments. We've divided this into two main phases: "Early Rewards" and "Mid-Term Rewards." Let's break down how it works in simple terms:

  1. Early Rewards (Before 50% of the Term)

During the initial phase of your membership or subscription, which happens before you've reached half of the total term, you have the opportunity to receive a substantial cashback. Specifically, you can get back 30% of the total fees you've paid so far. This is a great way to enjoy some cashback benefits early on in your journey with us.

  1. Mid-Term Rewards (Between 50% and 80% of the Term)

As you progress through your membership or subscription and reach the middle of your term, we continue to offer cashback benefits. During this phase, which falls between 50% and 80% of the total term, you can receive a cashback of 10% of the total fees you've paid thus far. This provides an additional incentive for your continued loyalty and engagement with our services.

In summary, our cashback program provides you with multiple opportunities to receive cashback rewards. You get a more substantial cashback early on, followed by a mid-term reward as you approach the halfway point. We aim to make your experience with us not only valuable but also financially rewarding. Enjoy your journey with us, and keep an eye out for those cashback rewards!