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What if i you do not see any pay later option?#

There can be multiple reasons:

  • Your seller reached his maximum outstanding credit
  • You have an other active credit
  • Your credit score is negative
  • We are missing some of your details.

The best way to finding the correct answer to this questions is contacting support.

From SmartPhone You receive reminders to pay your instalments Click on a notification Follow the prompts to top-up your Sevi account before the due date On the due date the instalment is auto collected from your Sevi account

From a feature phone You receive SMS reminders to pay your instalments Go to M-Pesa and fill out the payment details from the SMS, before the due date On the due date the instalment is auto collected from your Sevi account

What if i can't pay on time?#

When you do not pay on time the following actions are taken:

  • Each day you pay late you loose Sevi Trust points, which also effects the Trust Score of your group.
  • There is a seven day grace period.
  • After seven days we will hand over your account to debt collection.
  • After ninety days you are officially at default and will be listed as such.

See terms & conditions for more information.

If through some unforeseen event outside of your sphere of influence you are not able to repay, we suggest you inform your group so they can step up for you and repay on your behalf. This way the group doesn’t loose Trust points and credibility at the your loan provider.

How do I qualify for payment in installments?#

Whether you qualifies for payment in installments is decided by your merchant. Merchants use different criteria such as:

Trust Score (e.g. the max amount is determined by the Trust Score )
Being part of a group
Size of the loan group (e.g. some set a minimum of 10 members)
CRB rating (e.g. some require no members have a negative CRB rating)

Whether you qualify for an individual loan to your loan group is decided by your loan group. When a loan request is not approved by your loan group you will receive feedback on why it is not approved.