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Step 2: Order products

As a buyer you have the chance to order from your supplier web shope and pay using Sevi's Order now, Pay later. However, you have to ensure that your supplier is a verified partner of Sevi. In some cases your supplier might not have a web shop, but they will create an order for you, which then shows up in the 'order' section of your Sevi account.

Making Purchases

On your suppliers’ web-shop, select the products you wish to purchase and add them to the Cart.


At checkout of the web shop, select Sevi as your preferred Payment Option.


Make sure the phone number you fill out at check-out is the same number you registered your Sevi account with.


With your order(s) placed on your suppliers’ web-shop, you will be prompted to go to your Sevi App to select your payment plan. Proceed to the next step to select your payment plan.