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Ordering Products With Sevi

As a buyer you have the chance to order from your favorite Web-Shop or E-commerce store and pay using Sevi Platform. However, you have to ensure that the Web-shop you are purchasing from is integrated with Sevi-Platform.

Step 1: Making Purchases#

On your suppliers’ web-shop, select the products you wish to purchase and add them to the Cart.

Step 2: Check-Out#

At the checkout point of your the E-commerce/Web-Shop, select Sevi as your preferred Payment Option.

alt text

Step 3: Making Payments with Sevi#

With your order(s) placed on your suppliers’ web-shop, you will be prompted to go to your Sevi APP to approve your Payment or Installment plan. Proceed to the Sevi APP to set up your payment options.

alt text

1: On your Sevi App tap on purchase to view the orders you placed#

alt text

2: Tap on Payment Option#

3: Choose the payment Option you wish to use#

alt text

Option 1: DIRECT PAY

Option 2: WEEKLY PAY

To find out more about Payment Options, Click here

What if I do not see any Pay Later or Weekly Option? Click here

Step 4#

After making your payments, your order will be ready and you will be notified through a text message and In-APP notification.

You can now track your order from your suppliers Web-shop.