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Manage customers

Your customer management and performing tasks on behalf of your customers all happens from the Customers section. To go to your Customers section, go to your Company account and click CUSTOMERS.


Customer section

The Customer section allows you to:

  • Invite new customers
  • KYC new customers
  • Create an order for a customer
  • Select a payment plan on behalf of a customer
  • Set status to 'Delivered' for a customers order
  • See history of orders per customer

This step-by-step process will guide you through the process of inviting customers till delivering a product.


We provide you with a Company dashboard on the Web. On this dashboard you find:

  • overview of Late payers, including name and phone number for easy follow-up
  • overview of your sales KPIs
  • sales per agent
  • sales per group
  • outstanding credit

Individual dashboard

Through this dashboard you can search on individual records and see:

  • Credit statusses
  • Transactions
  • Instalments including status
  • Account balance