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Step 5: Pay instalments

We will remind your customers to pay their instalments on time. We remind them through text SMS.

Auto collection

Instalments are automatically deducted from your customers Sevi account on the due date of the instalment. Therefore your customers always needs to make sure they have sufficient balance in their Sevi account.


The SMS reminders are send three days before the instalment is due, one day before and then on the due date it self. The reminders include the amount to pay, paybill number and account number. It also shows the current balance of their Sevi account.


Late payment

We charge a late fee on late payments. Each instalment has a grace period of seven days, if the instalment is not paid within those seven days, a late fee is charged. The height of the late fee is communicated when accepting the payment plan. After a certain period a late payer gets a default status and is excluded from using Sevi. This will also affect the amount of customers you company can service through Sevi. For an overview of our legal terms, Click here


Make sure you follow up with clients who are late, so they are not charged a late fee.


You can monitor the repayment of your customers through the dashboard we provide you. This dashboard shows a list of customers who are late, including name and phone number, so you can easily follow-up with them.