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Select the account you want to Top-up by swiping to the left or right.

Step 1: Tap on the Top-up icon


Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your Sevi account


Step 3: Select the Top-up method you wish to use


EXPRESS PAYMENT: will send all payment details to your mobile money provider, so you don't have to fill out the details manually. This is the preferred option as it eliminates typo mistakes. Your mobile money provider's pop-up will appear on your phone and you will be prompted to input your PIN and the funds will be deposited into your Sevi Wallet.

MANUAL PAYMENT: gives you the payment details which you need to enter manually in your mobile money menu.

NOTE: Depending on your location, Sevi offers different Top-up options.

Step 4: Top-up details


When you chose manual payment, you need to follow the steps provided to manually Top-up your Sevi wallet. Go to your mobile money provider or bank and enter the payment details as provided by Sevi.

Step 5: Check balance

After making payments from your mobile money or bank, your funds will reflect on your Sevi account. Depending on the payment method you used this balance is up date near instant. You can refresh the data by pulling down your screen.

Congratulations! With your funds deposited in your wallet, you can proceed to order products, or make (early) instalment payments.